Pamina at the keuring

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Pamina keur
Friedhilde II pref
Viola H
Etoile H


2002 - 1st premium "Ster" rated mare at Ingalls Park Keuring & site Champion 10-3-2002

scores: 80-conformation, 80-movement, and 90 points for jumping

#1 in the Nation NA/WPN Keurings-conformation - #2 in the Nation NA/WPN Keurings-jumping - #4 in the Nation NA/WPN Keurings-movement

2 days later.....

#1 IBOP (performance test) at DG Bar Keuring 10-5-2002

scored 80.5 overall with 8, 8.5, and 9.5 for jumping components.

Won "Best jumper" award at the DG Bar keuring

#1 in the Nation NA/WPN Keurings- IBOP (performance test)








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