Tinkas Boy

Approved: Hannoverian, SF , Studbook Number: 89.7275
Born: 1989, Color: Chestnut , Height: 164cm (16-2 hands)


Amor pref (Holst)

Herrscher (Holst)

Heristal (Trak)

Diana (Holst)

Barba (Holst)

Loretta Premiehengst (Holst)

SPS Line (Holst)


Persian Path S xx

Sovereign Path xx

Rosa di Persia xx

Anory pref (Gelders)

Orlando (Gelders)

Nory kern (Gelders)

ESPRIT ster pref

Zeus keur(SF)
Arlequin x (AA)

Massondo x (AA)

Nuit Bleu x (AA)

Urielle (SF)

Matador x (AA_

Evelyne (SF)

Urloffine keur pref prest

Orlof (Trak)

Habicht (Trak)

Candy (Trak)

Malinda keur pref prest

Important (Holst)

Holinde ster (Gelders)


Tinka's Boy performed under rider Markus Fuchs at the highest level. He competed in two Olympic Game, various European Championships and World Championships, Nations Cups and starred in several Grand Prixs. His main achievements are winning the World Cup finals in Gothenburg and winning the individual silver and team silver medal at the European Championships in Hickstead. In Las Vegas, he was second at the World Cup finals and won team silver at the Sydney Olympics. He also won the Grand Prix of Jardy, London, Ascona, Lipsia, Bordeaux, Jerez de la Frontera, Dublin, Berlin and of course the Grand Prix of Aachen. Tinka's Boy earned in his entire career won 2.5 million Swiss Francs (the equivalent of nearly 1.9 million euros).For breedingTinka's Boy is a valuable addition. His jumping ability to be very high inheritable with (from a few guarantees) already has several international high performance horses as Tinka's Lad, Market Tinka, Tinka's Son and Little Tinka and especially Tinka's Serenade , it was the first GP of Basel, first Nations Cup in Aachen and Lummen and 11th at the World Cup in Kentucky. Some sons of Tinka's Boy are approved in Westphalia, AES and SF.
Tinka's Boy is the sire of the foal champion of France and his adopted son Tinka's Boy du Temple was Champion at the stallion in France.