Okika at the keuringOkika at USDF Cosequin FinalsOkika at the keuring jump

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Okika keur
Sargab keur pref prest
A Gonnie ster pref
Tolanda ster
Ariena kroon pref
Jovanda ster

Okika is by the "keur" stallion Zeoliet who was a great success at the performance test at Ermelo with 9.2 for dressage, a 9 for jumping under the saddle and 9.5 for free jumping. Zeoliet has been succesful in the National Stallion Competition and he went extraordinary well in ZZ dressage with Roger Schulkens. He is by the very modern breeding stallion Ramiro who has earned the tag Euro-stallion. Ramiro is the sire of several approved stallions in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and sire of international horses like: Donau, Ramzes, Almox Rosella, Rinnetou Z, Ramiro's son, Rolex, Zamira, Ratina Z, etc. Zeoliet's dam Sargab was declared "preferent" at the age of 10 which made her the youngest "preferent" mare in the Netherlands. Sargab produced also the Z-level dressage horses Wirbeleau and Bauxiet. The dam's sire is the TB Abgar who is one of the most influential Dutch sport horse producers siring horses like: Ommen, Jabgar, Treffer, VIP, Carrera, Germus, Rand Valeur, etc. The dam sire is the keur stallion Eros who was the producer of a number of prominent dressage horses.  He is still highly ranked on the breeding index for dressage horses. His sire Amor produced many international horses for show jumping and through his daughters and that of his sons Eros and Epigoon went on to produce many top class dressage horses.

Okika show results:

1997 - 1st premium filly NA/WPN Keuring, Young Horse Champion Cherry Valley USDF show

Reserve National Champion NA/WPN

1999 - 1st premium "Ster" mare NA/WPN Keuring

2000 (with a foal at side) - Reserve Champion mare-Moorpark USDF show,Champion mare-LAEC USDF show

Grand Champion Mature Horse USDF-series final USDF (Region 7)

2002 - 1st premium "Keur" mare NA/WPN keuring

National top ten mare (#6) for riding test (IBOP)








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